Use 4 tips to run your mobile faster

Use only essential widgets on your home screen:

It is well known that each widget on your mobile phone consumes some memory and also some processing power. More you have the widget more mobile resources will be used which in return slow down your phone.

Try to Install apps to your mobile phone memory:

  • If the apps are installed on the mobile SD Card. Mobile phone has to perform some sort of processing on retrieving the data from the SD card. Which also consumes some time to retrive it. On the contrary if you have Installed apps in your mobile phone memory, which will be accessed faster. If you have apps in your micro SD card move it in a phone memory using an app called MOVE2SD which is available in the play market

Use static wallpapers rather than live wallpapers:

  • Donot try to use live wallpapers because it is consuming battery and memory so if you have them try to uninstall them and use the static wallpapers instead.

Uninstall unnecessary apps:

  • Uninstalling unnecessary apps from your mobile phone which are no longer needed will help boost your mobile processing power and battery timing.

All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
Beamash will not be responsible for any kind of Loss or Damage.

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