Text message in Urdu on Android Phones

There is builtin support for URDU in the android phones those are launched in Pakistan. It is easy to read, write and understand Urdu text messages on your android phone. In Android operating system there is a wide range of language support. Nonetheless, if you need to compose a text message in Urdu language, several phones possibly will not be capable to do that.

It is difficult to go in your keyboard settings and shift to Urdu language and start typing instantly. This is somewhere GO Keyboard comes in. We will give a quick overview on the installation and be able to start typing in Urdu on your Android device.

How to compose a text message in Urdu on Android Phones

It is quite easy to start composing in Urdu on an Android phone. Keep an eye on these simple steps below:


  • From Google Play Store search for install GO Keyboard and install it on your Android mobile device.
  • When the app is opened follow the steps on your mobile device to enable and switch to GO Keyboard.
  • When you enable it, Click on Input Settings in the app and there go to Input language settings
  • Slide down the screen and search for Urdu.
  • At the start all of the text boxes are unchecked. Check the urdu checkbox. You will observe a popup box which will download the Urdu language files. When it will end then tap the ‘Done’ button.
  • Install  “Urdu for GO Keyboard” app from the google play store.
  • Open any of the keyboard for testing the message. Now you can compose the urdu text message from keyboard.
  • A button will be appearing which will show ‘EN’ for English and select Urdu on GO Keyboard and it will change to Urdu keyboard.


All described operations at your own risk.
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