Intelligence health bracelet track your day and night in 6 steps

Intelligent health bracelet is a latest smart watch in the market. This watch is connected with the android mobile or IOS mobile devices. If you are health conscious and want to get updates about your body parts related information every second then this is the right device for you.

1. Platform Requirements for intelligence health bracelet

Intelligence health bracelet is built to satisfy the following platforms.

  • Android 4.2 and above.
  • IOS 8.0 and above
  • Bluetooth BT 4.0

2. Charge before use

For the first time, please make sure that the intelligence health bracelet is fully charged. If the bracelet cannot be turned on, please charge the hand ring first with the available charger.

3. Hryfine Download

On your android or IOS phone play store search for Hryfine download app on your mobile phone and install it. You can download the software from here is as well.

4. How to Use Intelligence health bracelet

  • Press and hold the hand ring touch button turn on the phone, please make sure the phone is Bluetooth enabled (Android needs to turn on GPS)
  • Open “Hryfine” on the mobile phone. Click the button on the front page, or go to the device interface to search for the device. After searching for the device, select the MAC string that matches the hand ring.
  • After the blue tooth request pairing reminder Hryfine ears on the hand ring, long press the touch button to connect to the Hryfine.

5. Intelligence health bracelet operation

  • When the hand ring is successfully connected, the date and time of the device are automatically synchronized.
  • Hryfine can synchronize the movement data of the Hand Ring such as: heart rate, blood pressure, step, sleep and other data.
  • Long press on the home page can switch the function of the Hand Ring, switch to the shutdown interface and press and hold to shut down.
  • Function List: home page, step, distance, calories, heart rate measurement, blood pressure measurement, blood oxygen measurement, looking for mobile phone, information list, MAC address, factory reset, and shutdown item.

6. The Functions list

  • Home: Display time, date, battery and other information.
  • Step: Count your step data for the day, clear the data at 00:00 in the morning, you can view the historical steps in the Hryfine.
  • Distance: shown the distance statistics of your days steps, clears the data at 00:00 in the morning.
  • Calories: shows the calories consumption of your day’s steps, clears data at 00:00 in the morning.
  • Heart rate measurement: When the function is switched to the heart rate interface, the heart rate is automatically measured. After the measurement is complete, the result is displayed and uploaded to the Hryfine.
  • Blood pressure measurement: when the function is switched to the blood pressure interface, the blood pressure is automatically measured, after the measure is completed, it result is displayed and uploaded to the Hryfine.
  • Oxygen Measurement: When the function switches to the blood oxygen interface, blood oxygen is automatically measured. After the measurement is completed, the result is displayed and uploaded to the Hryfine.
  • Looking for mobile phone: When connecting to Hryfine, look for the Hand Ring function page and press and hold the device to make phone ringtone.
  • Information List: message reminder pushed by Hryfine, long press on the information function page to view the content of the pushed message.
  • MAC Address: Displays the MAC address of the current device.
  • Factory reset: reset your hand Ring device, all the Hand Ring information cleared.

Shutdown item: Shut down the interface and press it to turn it off. After turning off the phone, press and hold the touch button to boot.

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