Factory Reset of Qmobile Noir A2

Factory Mode reseting of Qmobile Noir A2 can be done on the following Tips:


  • Turn Off (Switch Off) Your Qmobile Noir A2 Mobile device.
  • Press Volume + or UP key and after at the same time press Power Key
  • Qmobile Noir A2 with Android splash Screen will appear.
  • After Splash Screen a set of options will appear.
  • Press Home Key
  • For Scrolling press – or Down Volume key and select “Data Factory Reset” option from the list
  • Press Menu Key (The left most option)
  • Another Screen with options appears. Kindly scroll down to select “Delete all User Data
  • Press Menu Key again for user data deletion.
  • A data deletion a new screen will appear asking for reboot of mobile device. Click menu key to confirm
  • Now your Qmobile Noir A2 is reset to factory default. Kindly update all of the software’s on the mobile before use.

Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
Beamash will not be responsible for any kind of Loss or Damage.

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