Eat Garlic and observe 5 health Benefits on your body

Garlic is a super food which we have been using for centuries. In South Asia and commonly in Afghanistan, India and Pakistan it is widely used in every meal as an important ingredient. But only now we realize all the benefits of this little plant full of nutrition. Today you will hear a cruelty free and 100 % organic slogans it cannot be referred as just a food fashion. Many people love to have organic life style and tries to make healthy eating as a part of everyday routine. Our body is consuming on daily basis as a drug store then this is a positive side of natural therapy. There are so many plants in your garden with fantastic medical properties and garlic is one of them. The Hippocrates made it famous for the medical use. He was one of the first doctors to recommend its patient with eating it on daily basis to improve their health.
Garlic 5 Benefits

We have 5 important reasons why you should eat raw garlic every day. So it is not so important you are fighting with diseases or just a simple cold. We believe that we have a perfect weapon for you.

1. Lower your blood pressure with Garlic

Chinese doctors have used this vegetable as the blood pressure medicine for centuries. The Japanese government are proved its usage as a high pressure reducer. These countries are famous for their non-traditional plant base medicine techniques that actually work. To minimize the risk of a heart attack or stroke. You should pay close attention to your blood pressure. If you have this issue especially a permanent high blood pressure level. You probably know all the types of medication you need. But thinking of eating raw garlic every day. According to scientific research Garlic stimulates the production of elements that relax the blood vessels. Approximately 12 week are enough to have a significant cut in blood pressure.

2. Boost your immune system and fight bacteria

Little white garlic clove is a big shield for your immune system. It protect your whole body from the evil bacteria. If you take a pills to cure a cold or another disease. You may find that your digestive system is out of control after some times. It is due to the imbalance of good and bad bacteria in your body. Garlic acts as a natural anti biotic and help good bacteria protect your immune system. It kills bad bacteria but does not eliminate healthy ones. This plant contain element named as Allicin that has anti-microbial effect. It is a natural immune system booster and helps the body to fight infection. It is interesting to know the cold is the wide spread disease in the world. You better prevent it then cure. By eating this every day you can fight the symptoms but prevent a whole getting sick. You can reduce the cold by 63 % after using a single clove every day.

3. Reduce Cancer

You can boost the Cell reproduction and build up you DNA with Garlic consumption, and stop the development of Cancer cells. There are a bunch of minerals like According to WHO you can eat Fresh Garlic in between 0.07 to 0.2 ounces every day. Which is equal to 1 clove of Garlic.

4. Detox your Body

When we eat Junk food we are actually putting toxins in our body. When we eat garlic it cleans the parasites, toxins and left over of medication from your body which your liver is unable to handle. Liver functions on the vitamins

When you wake up in the morning and you feel bad breath and bags under your eyes. It means that your liver is over loaded take garlic as a rescue.

How to Use

Take its clove every morning this will make your skin smoother, radiant and younger.  Moreover your liver will clean your body. All of those people who have indigestion or low appetite should use garlic for treatment.

5. Cure as a cough treatment

If you want to get rid of cold and tiring symptoms. Most of the people use garlic with lemon to keep the immune system to the maximum speed. Moreover if you feel rough coughs or irritation in throat then hot garlic based drinks can relieve the pain effectively.

How to Use

Use 2 to 3 Garlic cloves to be added 3 cloves in a boiling water in a cup and leave it for several minutes for a strong blend. If you don’t live the taste just add some honey or ginger for best results. This will result in calming of throat and the digestive system will also improve.

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