Coronavirus / Covid-19 better to prevent from ventilator


Coronavirus pandemic is affecting almost all over the world. According to the current reports it has been observed that this pandemic is mostly effecting areas like Europe, USA, Italy, Spain etc. Healthcare system in these countries has been guided by the Principle of Universal coverage, solidarity, human dignity, and health. These countries are known as home to standards of medical assistance.  In Fact they spend most of their GDP on Healthcare.

On the other hand third world countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Nepal does not have that good health care system.  In these countries a newly born baby immune system starts fighting with the viruses from day 1. 

Due to this great difference in the Healthcare system of both Worlds there should be a common thing through which we can prevent ourselves from this COVID 19 pandemic. The prevention which we can do as below:

1. Boost Your immune system against coronavirus:

You can Boost your immune system in many ways which are described as below

  • Lemon:  You can use lemon juice with hot water or with cold water.  It is a best idea to use lemon  on a daily basis. You can cut slices of lemon and put it in a jar. When the water finishes refill it again with the same lemon slices. The slices basically neutralize the body from acidic to alkaline.  The pH of lemon is 2 – 3 which seems to be Acidic in nature but when it combines with the food it changes itself to alkaline in nature so it is better to take diluted lemon water daily to fight against Coronavirus.
  • Extra virgin Olive Oil daily: It has a number of Vitamins like vitamin A vitamin E Omega 3 fats etc.  These two vitamins A, E exponentially boost your immune system.  Moreover, this oil clears throat infections, ear infections, chest infections. It is better to take one teaspoon daily in the morning which is very beneficial in preventing the Coronavirus initial symptoms.
  • Nigella seeds or Kalonji: This seed is known as the cure for everything except death (sayings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH).  It is better to use 15 to 25 seeds in the morning. This will definitely prevent Coronavirus initial symptoms.
  • Month of Ramadan:  Fasting is a protection against any type of infection from head to toe. When a person fasts during a day his body is clear from all toxins. The Fast rejuvenates the immune system which even kills the old microbes and all types of viruses in the body.

2. Avoid pizza, burger,  and likewise fast food items:

The widespread of Coronavirus in Italy has taken a number of precious lives. The main reason for this was that they ate pizza every time. Their immune system was not that strong enough to fight against coronavirus. The ingredients used in pizza, burgers and different fast foods are not beneficial to consume in the human body. These ingredients directly affect the mass of the body but it does not boost the immune system.

3. Exercise daily:

Another way to boost the immune system is to exercise daily on a regular basis. Exercise increases the happy hormones in the body which in response increases the immune system and also helps the body to protect itself from different viruses and bacteria.

4. Lung Exercise to avoid Corona Virus:

These videos will help you to increase your lungs capacity described by 2 different doctors.

5. Stay away from media:

It is better to keep yourself away from media because today’s media is so negative which badly affects our mind and in return affects our body.  Our mind is controlling all the body.  When we hear a lot of negative news then our mind generates signals to our body that you are Coronavirus victim. Until and unless bring yourself from this Coronavirus phobia.

5. Healthy eating (vegetable, fruits, Pulses, meet):

It is better to eat a lot of healthy fruits, vegetables, pulses and meat during the day.  If you can make a chart of your daily food intake and adjust the vegetables, fruits and pulses in the chart. Through this procedure you can easily beat Coronavirus pandemic. One of the best ways to boost the immune system is to take bananas, mangoes, oranges, and avocado on a daily basis.

6. Stay home stay safe:

Keep yourself in home to stay safe from other people. This pandemic is widely spread from human interaction.  The only way to break this interaction is to stay at home to keep yourself protective from this coronavirus.

7. Keep social distance:

During outside visits it is necessary to keep six feet distance from another person. In third world countries like Pakistan. India, Bangladesh etc. the people merely follow the social distance SOP.  There is a problem of social distancing in these countries. Which in return increases the chances of Coronavirus disease so keeping distance will increase the immune system.

8. Hand wash every 20 seconds:

Wash your hands for 20 seconds with any soap, use hand sanitizer and kill the Coronavirus on your hands.

9. Face mask and hand gloves:

It is better to use face mask and hand gloves during the outside visit in Markets and malls.  This will definitely stop you from the COVID-9 spread during interacting with other people.

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